New Wealty’s website is online

From today it is possible to find all the information relating to Wealty SA, a company of the WM Capital group, listed on Euronext Growth Milan, on a single website. The and sites now refer to to have, on a single portal, all the information relating to the products and services offered by Wealty.
In the About us section, you can find out who we are, how we work and what we do, our work, and our history.
Instead, the Business section includes the entire technology sector, the world of Dr. Fleming pharmacy, and our World solutions: here, you can discover Wealty’s products and solutions and the services developed in collaboration with partners.
The Sustainability section highlights the vision of the principles of inclusiveness, sustainability, and health support that Wealty presents for the less fortunate.
The Press section shows the various awards and recognitions referring to the Dr. Fleming pharmaceutical format and the reviews and press releases aimed at the products of the Wealty technology sector.
In the Contacts section, it will be possible to request further information, subscriptions, or others.
Finally, in the Wealty Pills section, present on the site homepage, various articles will be visible to stay up to date on the news promoted by Wealty.